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Our Approach

Here at Mere Cinema, we’re not simply interested in documenting your event…we want to tell your story.  Our goal is to create a film that embodies the look and feel of your special day, with attention to detail that captures small but significant aspects that might otherwise get missed. We don’t offer a ton of different packages or come up with a long list of add-on items for you to purchase.  We approach your event with the simple and straightforward notion of trying to capture as much of the day as we can and give you a finished product that you will enjoy sharing with friends and family for years to come.  

Every wedding is different, but here’s an idea of what a finished product normally includes:

– Full length wedding ceremony: Shot from 2-3 camera angles with professional sound.  This is your wedding ceremony, from start to finish.  We will work with you and your venue to film your ceremony from the best available locations, making sure you are comfortable with the level of our visibility during the ceremony. We will also place our own microphones to capture high quality audio.

– Creative film:  We pull together footage from throughout the day, including you getting ready, taking pictures, your ceremony, reception, and other moments.  We can incorporate both prerecorded music and audio from your wedding.  How often are you really going to sit down and watch your full wedding ceremony with family and friends?  With a short film, you can easily share your day with others in an engaging and creative format. Package #1 includes a 4-6 minute highlight film, while Package #2 and #3 include a 6-10 minute more in-depth short film.

– Featurettes: We keep the cameras rolling in an attempt to capture both scripted and unscripted special moments.  We include these in your final product as stand-alone clips you can access from a special menu.  Some examples would include: cake cutting, first dances, toasts, throwing bouquet/garter, first time seeing one another, special music, etc. We can also do a video guest book or guest interviews/special messages (typically requires package #3).

– Reception Highlight Reel: We capture a lot of footage from the reception, more than we can possibly insert into the short film or highlight edit. We will take selections of what we capture and create a separate reception highlight reel so that you can relive those moments again – as well as blackmail any friends or relatives that we catch on camera.

We encourage you to check out some examples of our work. Again, our goal is to present you with a finished product that reflects who you are and what is important to you, so every video is different.  We spend time getting to know you to find out how we can best tell the story of your wedding day or event. We’d love to work with you to create something personal and unique – so don’t hesitate to contact us!